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Class 1 


Alex Hickman / Rosie Emms E231
Tom Spencer / Zach Spencer

This is the lowest engine size class with a maximum size of 1000cc, and can be raced by all the family from the age of 12 years in the Junior Saloon class or 16+ in the adult classes. This also can be the most affordable class to start in due to the type of cars used and the very little modifications that can be done to them.


Modifications allowed: Limited Engine / gearbox must remain within strictly enforced maximum and minimum tolerances. This helps to ensure that costs are kept within affordable limits and that there is close racing both at Club and National level.


Cars you can use: Classic Mini Saloon, Citroen AX, Toyota Yaris or Nissan Micra. The engine and gearbox must be from the same car and using an engine no more than 1000cc capacity.


Please check the NASA website on the link below for more details.


Rule book for class 1 On the official NASA website

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