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Class 2


Sean Herbert / Stacey Herbert E126

This Class is another great class for beginners to the sport and for starting their Autograss career. As well as Class 1, Class 2 is an option for those trying to run a low budget with slightly bigger engines The maximum engine size allowed in Class 2 is 1300cc.


Modifications allowed: Limited  Engine and gearbox must remain basically standard within strictly enforced measurements. All the fuel-air mixture must pass through a single 32mm diameter restricter.


Cars available for use: Front wheel drive Saloons or Hatchbacks, or Estates; Hatchbacks or front wheel drive Saloons. At present, there are over 200 types of vehicle permitted to race in this Class. (Please check on the National Autograss Sport Association website for specific details)


Please check the NASA website on the link below for more details.


Rule book for class 2 On official NASA website

Jack Parker / Macauley Parker E40
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