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Class 3

                           1421cc (Minimum)

Phil Holloway / Kay Holloway E34

This Class is ideal for those who want to put a 'big' engine in the place of the original. This is a very popular Class with a lot of sideways action. With a minimum engine size of 1421cc.


The cars used are Saloons or Hatchbacks and a rear wheel drive machine. Any front engined, front wheel drive Saloons with a wheel base of 2400mm or more may be converted to front engine, rear wheel drive machines!


Modifications allowed:There are unlimited tuning modifications allowed; the engine / gearbox do not have to be the original.


Cars available for use: At present, there are many popular choices of car used for this Class, ranging from modern to classic vehicles.


Please check the NASA website on the link below for more details.


Rule book for class 3 On  official NASA website

Neil Corbett / Sally Corbett E56
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