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How to start racing

So your thinking about joining Evesham Autograss Club?


Here are some hints, tips and key information you will have to know before you are eligible to join.


Firstly you need to come along to one of our race meetings or the club nights. A club night is the perfect opportunity to meet our club members and get help and advice. If you think racing is for you then please speak to Callie Cooperour club sercatry and she will be able to give you a licence form and also confirm what race numbers are available for you.


You will need to decide on what class you want to race in. Have a look at the Classes pages for details on each class. If you want to race as a family then a Class 1 would be best for you. Both Mens, Ladies and Juniors (12-16 years old) can all race in class 1. Class 2-10 is then 16 years and over.

Juniors (12-16 years old) may also race Junior Specials (see Juniors in Classes). Yorkshire Dales Autograss Forum, Ebay and race meetings are a great place to find cars for sale. If you are new to the sport and want some advised on a car before you buy it, speak to Norman Grasby our Chief scrutineer or any one in the club and we will point you in the right direction.


Once you have a car and licence your nearly ready to race. You will also need some full body overalls, a motorcross helmet, motorcross goggles, gloves, and a good pair or shoes/boots


How much does racing cost?


This all depend on what class and level you want to get to. The limits are endless. The faster the car generally means the more they cost. Here is a rough guide for a Class 1 Nissan Micra (entry level class)


Licence £65 Adult £55 Junior

Race car - Around £600+ (make sure the car is up to 2017 regs)

Trailer - Around £300+

Personal equipment - Helmet, goggles, overalls, gloves, neck brace around £200+

So for around £1000-£1500 you can set your self up for a season racing.


You will then have running costs at each meeting.

Petrol - From £10 a meeting depending on how many people are racing

Sigining on fee (driver only) £5

Entry fee £8 per person - under 12 free (M.A.P leauge prices)


You can keep your running costs down if you just do M.A.P League meetings only. There are lots of clubs all over the U.K so the counrty is you oyster. If you want some fast pace racing with loads of cars and a great atmosphere then you can sign up to do either the British Autograss Series (BAS) or the U.K Autograss Championship (UKAC). Have a look at the links below.

British Autograss Series




We hope to see you on the race track soon.


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