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Evesham Autograss Club 

What is Autograss

Autograss is a non-contact Motorsport that involves specially designed cars that race around an oval track. These tracks are spread out all across the U.K and are approximately 400m long using a natural soil surface. There can be some extremely close racing at high speeds which adds to the excitement, thrills and spills which are never too far away, which only adds to the fantastic atmosphere felt throughout all 52 clubs across five countries who participate in the wonderful sport. Autograss.


Within Autograss there can be up to eight cars on a grid who start on a straight line, and are released by a bungee, and race an enjoyable 4 - 10 laps.


The social aspect of the sport is highly valued and is a large factor that makes the atmosphere so enticing. Autograss also allows gatherings and 'meet ups' between friends from all over the U.K and particularly offers a friendly nature of the sport for all new members. The sport is also family friendly, and alwyas has been, which is an important factor. This is because all members of the family have been seen sharing one car and racing at one meeting throughout the race weekend.

The sport is governed by NASA (National Autograss Sporting Assossiation) They provide licenses and govern how the sport should be run. For more information check out there website  



There is a very good forum on Yorkshire Dales website for general help and advise and also For Sale and Wanted.





This is the link to one of the competitons held around the U.K.


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