Welcome to Evesham Autograss Club

We are a friendly, fun motor racing club that takes part in National Autograss.


Based at our home track, The John Wilkin Raceway at Dodwells Stratford-upon-Avon. 


Autograss is a great motor sport for all the family. With juniors racing from 10 years old, That are able to race in Class One a 1ltr engine salon car or a Junior Special open wheel buggy.


Then we have mens and ladies racing. They can share a Class one front wheel drive 1ltr standard saloons. Or Classes 2 to 10. These range from a 1.2ltr front wheel drive saloon all the way up to rear wheel drive V8. The is a class to suit all abilities & budgets.

Evesham club is part of the M.A.P League with Radford Autograss. Established for over 50 years. 


You dont need a race car to be a member. We have non race members that LOVE to get involved in the running of the club and race meeting. 





Come & say hello to a great motor sport.....!

Get your 2022 Race Licence Today


To start racing in 2022 click the button below and fill your details in on the N.A.S.A website. 




Visit the National Autograss website for more information on how to get in to racing













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