MAP Leauge 2020 Race Dates

Radford 22nd March 10.30am  Shake Down: No Points


Evesham 29th March - Shake Down: No Points


Evesham 12th April - National Qualifier


Radford 26th April 10.30am National Qualifier


Evesham 10th May - National Qualifier


Evesham MAP Open 30th-31st May Open Meeting

Racing starts at 9am 


Radford 7th June 10.30am - National Qualifier


Radford 28th June 10.30am - Reserve National Qualifier


Evesham 5th July The Alfcope Memorial- Reserve National Qualifier


Radford 5th-6th September - Ladies & Juniour Nationals

Racing starts at 10am


Evesham 13th September 


Radford 17th-18th October 10.30am - Worcestershire Championship 


For Nationwide Race Dates - visit the NASA website

******************************************************************************* **Racing starts at 11am - Unless otherwise stated**

Gates open early


For League meetings entry fees are

Adult - £10.00

Under 12 - Free


Driver signing on free is £5.00



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